pool decking over or under coping

question about top rail trouble free pool

is the top rail of the pool able to support weight of a person? or should i cantilever the deck six inches over so it's even with the inside of the top rail? i've also seen pics of decks where the deck is even or under the top rail - that is why i was wondering what if someone sat on the rail - would it cause the pool to buckle?

pool decking over or under coping

pool decking over or under coping - yonkersfirehistory.org . pool deck repair and pool coping and resurfacing livermore . high quality yet affordable pool deck resurfacing,pool coping,conc. overlay, for over 35 years, bcp concrete has been dedicated to forming a lasting

cracked or shifted pool coping: causes and what to do

coping at the pools edge serves several purposes and can crack or move at times. coping serves as a top cap for the pools concrete bond beam and provides an architectural edge for the pool or spa. it may also serve as a small barrier to help keep water on the pools concrete deck from view article

renovating a pool deck without removing old cracked

the renovation coping piece has a drop-down face that will cover the old coping, so you don't have to remove the old coping, just cut it back. the reno coping is then install over mud right on the top of the old pool border. the rest of the deck will be set on send. just lay the pavers leveled with the reno coping.

pool decking over or under coping

above ground pool deck coping over edge . deck built on top of coping of above ground pool deck built over lip of the pool but at least 2 inches above the coping so we could secure our it over until the job is done 8x10 deck on my above ground pool. online service above ground pool deck coping - outdoor wpc decking board above ground pool deck

how to caulk your pool's expansion joint

if you have a cantilever pool deck, where the pool deck extends over the pool wall without coping stones, then there is no expansion joint - and no need to caulk. most vinyl liner pools or fiberglass pools usually do not have an expansion joint, although either pool type, if built with brick or stone coping around the edge - should have a joint

pool coping repair: everything you need to know willsha

pool coping materials. when it comes to pool coping, there are several different types of materials that you may choose from. people tend to remodel older pools to replace the pool coping with newer, longer lasting materials. each of the different types of coping materials has its distinct advantages as well as nuances.

above ground pool, adding a deck. above or below pool rail

well, now i'm stuck building a deck. i'm debating on whether to build the deck over the top rail of the pool or put it slightly under and leaving enough room to put my cover on in the fall/winter. if anyone has an above ground pool with a deck above or below the rails and could post pics i would really appreciate it.

above ground pool coping for wood plastic deck

above ground pool coping for wooden deck. quick fix' above ground track and welded bead system - abgal. timber decks surrounding an above ground pool look best when they completely cover the top coping - in the photo above you can see there is no plastic or metal top rails showing, and the pool looks spectacular with the beautiful texture of .

top 10 most unique pool decking options

the coping is a precast concrete product. endless options. of course these are just some of the great ways that a pool and deck can complement one another. the point of this short list of suggestions is simply to get the creative juices flowing as you install or upgrade your pool and/or deck.

pool decking: everything you need to know willsha pools

your swimming pool deck can be the perfect place for family fun. heres everything you need to know about pool decking: pool decking vs pool coping. pool decking and pool coping are two different things. pool coping is a cap around the edge of the pool. made from stone or concrete, the pool coping is normally about 12 inches wide.

pool decking over or under coping

pool decking over or under coping. top trends in pool decking and coping dwell on design. jul 6, 2017 the decking and coping around your pool are a major component in the seven trust has been bison's most popular wood tile over the past five years, get price. pool decks - juliano's pools.

decking over above ground pool

decking over above ground pool. we need to replace our above ground pool liner but the decking was built around the top to overlap the pool. is there any way to get to it? or do i have to cut all the wood around it and replace the deck boards? hi. decks over the top rails of above ground pools can create a real problem.

building deck-? under the rail/flush with gap/over rail

i went with over the top of the rail. i did not like the 'imposing' look of a deck that sat way over the top of the deck. i also saw the damage to the top rails of my buddy's deck which was built flush. i have about 3/4' gap under the framing over the rail to get the winter cover on and works fine.

where the deck meets the pool edge

the coping on an above ground pool is usually at least 6' wide. so you could then overhang the decking boards another inch or so so they almost touch the coping. the deck boards and the coping could be at the same level or you could have the decking just below the coping to demarcate the edge of the pool.

pool deck materials

this modern pool is designed with strong lines accented by dark stained seven trust wood deck bounded by concrete walls and coping. this tropical hardwood is also used to solve problems associated by under coping pool covers. this rustic stone coping and the flagstone pool deck just behind are rustic and

where deck and pool meet

one way i was considering was to notch the joists to hang over pool then box the end with matching trim board if i use a 2' x 10' joist i should be able to make the notch leaving the equivalent of a 2' x 4' i think ? it's an oval pool with the deck surrounding 1 end and 1 side

reasons for pool coping and edging

coping can be precast in straight lengths, corners or curved sections. stones are traditionally made of grayish-white concrete with a porous finish. in lieu of coping stones, some pool designs feature concrete or wood decking that extends to or slightly over the edge of the pool. materials include flagstone, brick, or synthetic decking.

deck built on top of coping of above ground pool

we have an 18/33 feet above ground salt water pool. because of the shape of the supports on pool that are curved we agreed to have the deck built over lip of the pool but at least 2 inches above the coping so we could secure our winter cover that ties in at the base of the supports on the pool and forms a drum.

pool decking over or under coping

pool decking over or under coping. coping - pavestone - creating beautiful landscapes. concrete coping is the perfect complement to new and overlay pool deck applications and is concrete toe edge restraint pavers on compacted base - pdf. get price free sample contact.

pool decking over or under coping

pool decking over or under coping. information about pool caulking, how and why to caulk the expansion joint around the pool, between the coping stone and pool deck or risen above the pool by a significant amount, or when caulking vertical joints, on steps for example.

pool coping and decking

natural pool deck pavers are made from paver materials like stone, brick, travertine and slate. pool deck pavers do not crack like concrete does, and if an issue arises with your pool decking, pavers can be repaired or replaced individually for less cost than an entire pool deck. call anthony and sylvan pools to discuss pool coping and decking

inground swimming pool pavers 101 video

what type of pool coping works best when installing pavers around a pool? the coping is the edge or border around around the perimeter of the pool and creates the transition point between the patio and pool interior. to see and compare different types of pool coping, check out our inground pool coping idea and cost guide. some of the most

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