cheap composite the price

cheap hdmi cables vs. monster cables

for extremely low online prices, places like have really cheap prices and some of their cables have been a-b compared to expensive ones on places like secrets of home theater hi fi.

hdmi cables cheap vs expensive 'monster' vs no-name

chances are if a salesperson put the monster hdmi cable and the no name brand in front of you and told you that you can have either one for the same price, you would probably take the monster one.

original xbox component or s-video?

in fact component cables are a much improved cable spec designed for hdtv whereas s-video only improved on the cheap composite video of yesteryear. rastan member since: may 13, 2003

vizio's gigantic 70-inch bargain pictures

overview. vizio's e1i-a3 series is the poster child for 'tvs are getting bigger and cheaper all the time.' the 70-inch behemoth reviewed here costs less than any similarly sized tv i know about

lg oledb8p series review: lg's least-expensive oled is the

for the last couple of years lg has dropped its oled tv prices for black friday in mid-november. this year i wouldn't be surprised if the 65-inch b8 got down to $2,100 or maybe even less.

xbox 360 elite came with cheap composite cables? rant

very cheap, but very good cables. yeah , i thought this was old news. and the elite is no longer the 'high end' 360 since microsoft will no longer be making the pro model.

are component and composite cables constructed differently

i was reading the boxes for a component video cable and a similar looking composite video and audio cable and could not tell a difference apart from the higher price for component cables and the

when are expensive cables worth it?

there are few things that come in as wide a variety of prices as cables and interconnects. hdmi cables, for instance, can run from $1 to over $1,000 for the same length. usb cables can be

xbox 360 elite came with cheap composite cables? rant

my 2 year old xbox 360 pro 20gb died the other day. no rrod, the video out just ceased to work. luckily i had a best buy warranty and was able to go

is your dentist ripping you off?

the handheld-only model comes with a few less bells and whistles and a cheaper price point this fall jul 10 activists warn about potential abuse of facial scans for ice

a new 'best' for prius hybrid

you won't see the large touchscreen on the base 2017 toyota prius prime model, which uses the same landscape-format touchscreen found in the prius liftback, and comes in at price of $27,100.

learjet 85's private, high-tech luxury to cost a mere $20

sci-tech learjet 85's private, high-tech luxury to cost a mere $20.8m. the aircraft maker talks to cnet about advances made in the 50 years since its first private jet took to the skies.

roku express review: resurrect an old tv with streaming

the good the roku express has an analog audio/video output, allowing it to connect to older tvs. it's cheap, easy to use and loaded with streaming apps, including the latest version of netflix.

convert composite signal to component or hdmi

on the composite end is a vcr composite output of sylvania vcr. i found mini composite av cvbs 3rca to hdmi video converter adapter 720p 1080p upscaler on ebay and asked the seller. i got an aswer:

where can i buy a cheap composite cable?

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i finally found a good/affordable upscaler

this is a topic from my previous thread about the clone hardware vs original hardware. so i got the super retro trio, it outputs in both composite and s-video, however my 4k tv can only accept a

cheap raspberry pi alternatives: 20 computers that cost

the cheapest computers available. on its release in 2012, the $35 raspberry pi showed just how much computer you could get for a bargain-basement price.

no component or hdmi cables included? really

ps3 cables for composite/component are proprietary, but the ps2 component/composite cables do work on them. also, generic hdmi cables work as well. also, generic hdmi cables work as well. i personally think it sucks in either case, but i think the move by microsoft to take them out halfway through the generation is a more dickish move.

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