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wet stringers: what you may or may not want to know

wet stringers: what you may or may not want to know. there are a lot of myths and mystery surrounding wood cored stringers which have been found to be moist or wet. before you skip past this article under the assumption that your stringers are dry, you might want to give it read.

how to seal plywood flooring? boat design net

hey there guys. i'm completely new to this boat wood building thing so please bear with me. the boar in question is actually an inflatable boat that i want to create a wooden floor for. the floor will not really come in contact with with only from splashes and maybe our boots. the flooring will also be carpeted with marine grade carpet.

replacing floor and deck.. what should i use? boat

it will not 'stop' rot, but can be an effective coating in interior locations, where immersion and soaking isn't likely. in short, it's fine for furniture, shelves, table tops, etc. i wouldn't use it anywhere near a bilge, inside a head or shower or anywhere on a light colored wood that will see direct uv exposure.

boat, yacht, and marine wood decking and flooring kebony

using other materials not made of wood runs the risk of polluting the water the dock is built on, with other factors such as high temperatures in the sun or the material being compromised by excessive moisture playing a secondary role. for this reason, wood remains the number one choice for most boat, yacht, and marine decking and flooring.

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? michigan

when i put the hole in for a screw, i've just created a potential spot for rot in the marine plywood. will it take years, likely, but i am a fan of making sure it's done right the first time so i don't have to do it again. and if we ever get rid of the boat, it's nice to be sure that you are passing on a problem to someone else.

wood vs. no wood - boat talk - chaparral boats owners club

many boat mfg's use wood as stringers still. one of the more popular so cal boat mfg's, eliminator, uses balsa stringers due to strength and lightness. not sure why your's rotted out unless it was full of water or unkept properly? not sure that's the boat's fault. wood has great strength and durability when kept dry.

marine and boat flooring better life technology

you create your own custom look from an array of available designs and our flooring resists odors and stains. aquatread boat flooring is the perfect finishing touch to your boat. ultra-durable polyvinyl handles the heaviest traffic and will not crack, flake, chip, rot or peel

ranger the only bass boat with no wood in transom? - bass

i was told that ranger is the only bass boat that doesn't use wood in it's transom i'm assuming wood is used for the floors on all bass boats and that other boats use wood in the transom.

how to replace a wood floor in a boat sportsrec

both wood and fiberglass boats are usually built with a flat wood floor that sits over the bottom and creates a surface on which seats can be placed and boaters can comfortably stand. normal boating activities, such as fishing and water skiing, can bring water into the boat. wood floors can rot when they have had

marine plywood - knowing the basics - boat renovation people

no matter what wood you use in a boat, you must either do it the old way use more and thicker wood so that even after it is half-rotted it is still strong enough to function as a boat not really recommended except for historical restorations ; or seal the wood completely i have restored 12 boats including my own , and have built 3 small boats.

boat carpet - should i install vinyl flooring in my boat?

in the 90s, boat manufacturers began replacing the wood floors in boats with fiberglass floors that were molded into the top deck. this opened up a great variety of flooring options, and took care of many of the problems that wood floors created. fiberglass does not rot or hold water. it can be washed down with a hose for easy cleanup and

wooden boat restoration repair - west system

wooden boat restoration and repair catalog number 002-970 6th edition a guide to restore the structure, improve the appearance, reduce the maintenance and prolong the life of wooden boats with west system brand epoxy the techniques described in this manual are based on the handling techniques and physical properties of west system brand epoxy

boat floor dry rot

my 1987 17.5' f and s has a very soft spot behind the driver's seat. i'm sure it's dry rot and wondering if this is the path to go to fix it: definite first step. they should be screwed into the floor or stringer. you can get to the screws by removing the cushions. it will be possible, but will probably

the 5 best types of boat flooring materials to put

moreover, wood can rot if exposed to water for a long time and especially if its not epoxied, though the jury is still out on the issue of epoxys benefits for wooden boats . wood is, at the very least, ideal for making boat cabins and their interior floors, as well as the forward and back decks of a boat.

4 mistakes to avoid when repairing a rotting boat floor

1. not cleaning first. if you spot a rotting boat floor, you need to take action by scrubbing it down. the likely cause of the rotting is mold from the dampness of the boat, so the mold must be cleaned as thoroughly as possible to stop it from spreading to healthy flooring. 2. leaving rot behind. after you have cleaned the area, you will want

all fiberglass boats have rotten stringers after 15 years

that being said, a boat that was well cared for and has had a diligent owner can beat the statistics very easily. so no, at 15 years old a boats stringers are not rotten by default. as far as alternatives to wood there are companies that make foam core stringers but they can absorb water, swell, freeze, or deform.

how to fix a rotten boat floor. how to repair boat sun

how to fix a rotten boat floor. how to repair wood in a boat the purpose of this channel is not to hiring or look for employees it is only to gave you an idea how classic cars interior are made

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re: wood flooring in boat that oak will twist, crack and then rot. and it doesn't really matter how many coats of polyurethane you apply. the only way to make a floor like that is to glue and screw boards together in a gridwork. this allows air to circulate and dry out the wood. oak is not the best choice.

how to replace a floor in a boat gone outdoors your

over time, boat floors begin to show wear and tear from repeated exposure to the elements, specifically water. the need for a new boat floor becomes inevitable when the floor has a soft, spongy feel that is a sure sign of dry rot. however, the need for replacing a boat floor does not mean the end of your boating days.

boats, yachts: preventing rot in encaplulated wood structures

finally, many people ask why wood should be used at all in 'fiberglass' boats. the answer is that wood isn't the problem. if the windows and doors of your home were made of sugar pine, they'd rot away just as fast as your boat.

how to repair dry rot on a hardwood floor

the following article will show you how to do so on a floor, but the method explained can be used elsewhere as well. step 1 - clean the dry rot. one key issue dry rotted wood is the fact that it can spread over time. if the rot spreads, then the wood can completely rot and crumble. it will not have a chance at being saved.

plywood for boat flooring??? michigan sportsman - online

plywood for boat flooring??? discussion in 'boating and boat rigging' started by wood from trees as regular ply,just thinner and with no voids and the same glue .i would then take from the above post not to use any wood for a deck.i have used treated wood before on my decks on aluminum boats before and they're still floating and not leaking

common solid wood floor problem bulging and lifting

my solid wood floor is bulging and lifting in the middle of my room. if you have installed solid wood flooring and youre finding that its bulging and lifting in the middle of your room, youre not alone. solid wood flooring which bulges and lifts in the middle of rooms is, unfortunately, a relatively common problem.

pontoon boat flooring options - pontoon boats

boat decks are prone to damage from sun and moisture. they can rot or develop mold and mildew. pontoon boat flooring protects the deck of the pontoon boat while boosting its appearance. there are different types of flooring options available. they have their own advantages and disadvantages. a few are applied as a coating on

replacing boat floor page: 1 - iboats boating forums

re: replacing boat floor it's a 1980s era bayliner. if the floor is rotted, you've got more problems than just the floor. very good chance you'll have to replace the stringers as well, and give the transom a very close look for any rot, too. they usually rot from the bottom up, starting at the stringers.

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