semicircular fence free standing

star wars: the force unleashed

your goal now is to ride the lifts upward and head to the semi-circular platform that you say in an earlier cutscene. so do that when you're ready. let's go holocron hunting first. right a lift up as high as you can go. look at the top of the highest center laser tube. you'll see holocron 12 sitting up there. double jump and force dash onto the thin ramp leading up to it and claim the

rollercoaster tycoon faq/strategy guide for pc by

once you have the information kiosk, you are essentially free to choose what you research. i tend to go with thrill rides first, as they tend to draw in guests, provide a financial base for building more rides, and are relatively cheap to build and run. the same goes for gentle rides, but they appeal to a smaller group of your guests. while you only have 8 months to complete this scenario, the

assassin's creed syndicate

this side-mission is a child liberation side-activity, the first of eleven of its kind in the game. in general, our goal is to sneak into a restricted industrial-type building setup, find and kill the foreman and releasing all the children within.

perfect dark

the second guard will be standing just behind this door around the corner, if he wasnt alerted to your presence earlier. head down the ramps to the floor. sa pa: now, hurry and turn to your left. get out one of your ecm mines. you have three, but youll only need two for the mission. before the cameras on the ceiling spot you, toss the mine on the tv like device on the wall. you should

battlefield 1 achievement/trophy guide for xbox one by

you're free to decide how you want to play the game though. you could play on easy first to learn the missions and focus on collectibles and then progress onto hard, or you could do a playthrough on normal and then do hard and then replay chapters on easy to complete any remaining challenges. if you're going for the platinum or 100% completion on xbox/pc then you should have a good awareness

lara croft tomb raider: the angel of darkness

lara will fall just after passing the fence. tap the stealth button and follow the balcony. you'll find the gantry gate key just before the stairs and the guard, over the wooden table. collect it. if you want, you can approach the guard and press action while standing behind him. this will knock him out, but there is no big advantage in doing so. open the gate at the other side of this balcony

the witcher 3: wild hunt

the stamina bar refers to the yellow semi-circular bar located on the far left of the screen directly below the health bar. this bar is associated with both geralt's ability to sprint and the use of geralt's sign abilities.

ninja gaiden

feel free to use it on your inferno scroll right away. now, before continuing on, you can go back to the shop you visited right before the bridge was destroyed since an identical wall has come out on the other side of the pit that you can use to wall jump back up and you can go and pillage that dead ninja in the chamber of the blue eye for arrows one last time. be sure to get any scarabs you

darksiders ii

as you enter, you will be standing in front of a lava pit, move to the edge and look down to see a boatmans coin and platform you can walk down to grab it. once you have it, look on the left side of the room and use the handholds to traverse the gap. drop down here and jump across the pit, continue round the other side. on the opposite side of the room you will see another bomb plant and a

doctor lautrec and the forgotten knights faq/walkthrough

room a1 ----- in the center corridor here, one guard is standing in the center, rotating around, while the other is patrolling the perimeter in a clockwise manner. sneak by the immobile guard while the other one is moving northeast or southeast, and loop around counterclockwise to the northern corner and into room b1. room b1 ----- loop around the dividing wall in here to get to a treasure

dead space 3 faq/walkthrough

follow the suit locator over to a door at the top of a short set of stairs in front of a wire fence and proceed inside. on a small shelf to the left you will find a weapon part tesla core weapon part 4/6 . exit through the door on the other side of the room and follow the set path through the snow forward until the fence on the left ends, then follow the path around to the left until you


do this by standing beside the statue as the swamp phantom swings at you, destroying the statue. then you must coax the 2 of them back into battle with each other, by luring the alligator back toward the swamp phantom - this is the only way to lower their health - ammo is futile. do this 3 times and then use the grenade to capture them. - the new school - now that you have the grenade launcher

gex 3: deep cover gecko

climb on top of the semi-circular portion of the wall for the bonus coin. 3. in the sewer area, go into the sewage and to the right toward the fire. near the fire, jump on the dead body into the pipe on the right wall. paws: 1. see bonus coin 1 2. on the roof with the tommy gun and the two thugs. get the firefly to unlock the gate from the area with the first money bundle. 3. at the start of

assassin's creed syndicate faq/walkthrough for pc by

once the leader is down, free the rook prisoner and deal with the other enemies as you wish. after killing them all, the memory will be completed. after killing them all, the memory will be completed.

pac-man world

go back up to free the friend and to get the pac-dots. use the green switch to lower the walkway on your right. go across to find use the green switch to lower the walkway on your right. go across to find 2 purple aliens and a chest with an apple inside.


free gobi by beak busting the rock he is changed to. he will thank you with a jiggy. collect the feathers too. o-----o jiggy count: 59 o-----o now, head to the large circular area with the platforms coming from the quicksand below. there is a small sphinx face near one platform. once you jump to the platform, it will begin to move left and right. feed the mouth three blue eggs to trigger

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