1x tongue and groove flooring prices


in situations one and two, you gain 1x your bet. in situation three, you gain 1.5x your bet. you lose when -you bust regardless of whether the dealer does also . -the dealer's points are greater than yours and he doesn't bust. -the dealer gets a black jack and you do not. in all situations, you lose your entire bet. you draw when -both you and the dealer tie in points without busting

paper mario

go west 1x, use sushie, go east 1x on the water, and pull that chain. drop to the miraculously dry floor and unlock the east door, and, of course, enter. go up all the stairs, fighting the four sets of b. bill blasters along the way and any bombshell bills that hit you , then finally you are free to go east. get the super shroom from the block, then push the far right block and go through the

disney epic mickey 2: the power of two

----- w2.317 blot alley ----- things to collect ----- 1x teddy bear piece - eastern alley 1x teddy bear piece - on a platform in the southeast 1x gremlin jumpsuit - in the northwest corner, before the key corner 1x football jersey - in the narrow alley of the 2nd area 1x concept art 35 - in the northeast corner of the 2nd area 1x skull sugar bowl - in the west of the final area

paper mario

for those of you that like formulas, use this one for mario: damage = max 0, floor floor a ab - c / s - df / l - b x 1 d where: - a = power of enemy's attack - ab = number of times a magikoopa has boosted enemy's attack - c = 3 if the enemy is inflicted with attack drop, 0 otherwise - s = 2 if the enemy is shrunk, 1 otherwise - df = mario's defence - l = 2 if mario is in danger

wizardry 8

the door opens to a floor in the bank, separate from the other vaults, which takes you to an elevator up to the main lobby. although it is better than being transported onto the street in front of the rogues. i ended up fighting the rogues anyway, but on better terms. i caught them at the bank entrance coming in after me. ----0.3---- now let's go get our second npc, vi domina. head north from

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