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after searching through many of the forum threads on replacing pontoon decks, i am still confused about the best material to use. i have purchased wolmanized pressure treated 3/4' plywood and currently have it stacked on edge with space between the sheets with a window fan circulating air betweeen the sheets.

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our deck joint tape will prevent water from seeping up from underneath the deck and getting the boat carpet wet. 3. next, secure your marine plywood with either deck screws or deck bolts to the pontoon boat cross channels.

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synthetic teak boat decking materials. we offer a high quality boat decking product.the material we use is uv stabilized and is colored throughout its thickness and it will retain its classic

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the carpet, we use the power washer. if it is mold there are cleaning products that you can pretreat those spots first. seven trustr the front of the boat, wet a small amount ahead, then pour a small amount of general cleaner, awsome cleaner comes to mind, let sit a few minutes, then spray, keep working ahead until the bubbles disappear, then move forward again, working to the front of the boat.

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pontoon decking is the material that is used to span the pontoons on a pontoon boat. the passengers and pilot of a pontoon boat ride upon the pontoon decking, which pontoon buyers guide

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a raised helm, incredible seating, and top notch swim platform make this performance pontoon--which broke 50 mph with twin 300-hp evinrude e-tecs--a toon that can hang with the big fiberglass day boats.

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how to replace the deck of a pontoon boat. paint the bottom side and edges of the first layer of decking, using marine paint and roller, and allow it to dry completely. lay the first layer of decking in place and fasten it to the deck beams with marine-grade self-tapping screws, using the drill and screwdriver tip.

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wahoo aluminum decking as pontoon boat decking? sure aluminum decking for boats is really nothing new there are actually numerous choices for pontoon boat decking. aluminum is known to be used in many different ways. from soda cans to outdoor decking, it has made an impact both economically and environmentally on products that we see

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yes, our bluewater 26 material is appropriate for your decking, stringer and transom applications. for your stringer application, whether you laminate several of our thinner panels together or merely use our 1.5' thick material - the strength is the same.

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pontoon boat deck covering. from the comfort of the shaded gallery, overseeing and advising their fellow member scrambling to secure new plywood decking and line-up holes for routing cables and wires, the talk naturally went to what the best covering for his new deck might be.

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subject: re: best decking material for a pontoon? expert posts: 1750 location: victoria, named after the queen..near whitwell spur,i also used avantech on my transome this year.but i went one better,the hardware store had what they called copper seal,,it is a water proofing sealant. bad to the bone check it out, its not that

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what about the flooring material on a pontoon boat? we just sold our last one in april because the wooden deck caused the carpet to always be mildewed no matter what we put on it to inhibit it. we had it covered and it was still horrible.we spent most of our time cleaning it.the man that sold it for me said there are other kinds of flooring.

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how the decking is attached: the pontoon logs. pontoon logs are made of aluminum because its soft, durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. and with better pontoon logs being designed each year, pontoon boats are stronger, more resilient and have more horsepower capability than ever before.

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one of the best cheap materials is form board, used to frame up concrete prior to pouring, it has a redish/purple coating on the both surfaces and needs protection only on the sawn sides. carpet is nice to live with on a pontoon, just remember that it will have to be replaced every few years, and it is a devil to clean.

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much like the foundation of a house, the type of material you use for the base of the deck of your pontoon boat is the foundation of your entire pontoon boat. although there are a variety of treated plywood products to choose from on the market, the smart buy is cca-treated plywood that is available in our online store .

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posts: 2member . i used to use the toon brite product but have had great success with aluminum rim cleaner on the pontoons. power wash first and then spray on. pontoons look brand new and much cheaper solution. i also use murphy's liquid soap in a bucket of water to wash the boat down cushions, walls, etc. .

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pontoonspecialists.com sponsored video on how to redeck a pontoon. jjvs best aluminum pontoon cleaner application how to unload and load your pontoon boat on the boat trailer

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