pvc slip proof stairs for kids

zoda's revenge: star tropics ii

two steps past that, there is a hole in the floor, so be sure to jump over it. then there is another wall of fire. the switch is in the top left tile. open the door and walk through it. use the shockwave to kill the two enemies and head upwards. quickly kill the mini-mummy and get the big guy. the switch is in the top left tile. jump on the platform and get the medicine. wait for the platform

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lego batman 3: beyond gotham

send cyborg up the stairs in stealth suit to avoid the camera, then head through the pistons. have batman hit the object in the center of the green wall to switch those pistons so cyborg can continue to the right. use the tech panel in the next room to move the panels so batman and joker can cross to the right. use the laser in batman's space suit to carve out the gold wall, then switch to

hotel dusk: room 215

take the stairs down to 1f, and walk towards the restaurant. you will trigger a cut-scene, in which melissa is seen receiving some parental guidance from her father. when melissa says that she hates her dad, interrupt her: > everything ok? after some yelling here and there, the sulky girl runs off. you will finally get the chance to talk to her dad. when he apologizes for making a scene, reply

as the world turns

lucinda steps in stopping jack's questioning of gabriel. holden gets molly's message and hurries over to the old mill restaurant. jack asks if that figurine she had on her desk was fragile. holden

tanya memme videos and video clips tv guide

tanya memme shows you simple steps to winterize your home and cut your heating bills by up to 30%. how to make edible colored sand lifestyle expert tanya memme shows how to make a fun and edible

suikoden v faq/walkthrough

go up the stairs to the west to find a covered deck with a journeyman's crystal. down the steps to the north is a large cabin with skill trainers. go ahead and upgrade your skills now if you want. you do not have to do it this way, but i had sialeeds at lv c incantation / lv c long throw. the prince: lv c attack / lv c agility. lyon: lv c technique / lv c agility. and georg: lv c vitality. if

tools make good gifts

the holidays are the perfect time to treat the do-it-yourselfers on your list. so danny lipford, the host of 'today's homeowner,' has lined up some gift ideas that are sure to be a hit. the

l.a. noire

go down the stairs and two more thugs will be in front of you, but unluckily for them there's some explosive barrels you can shoot to end them quickly. as you go on, there will be two thugs in the distance to the right, but with your rifle they are fairly easy kills just focus on one at a time and shoot them when they pop out of cover . keep going and there'll be a man way up above you in the

best reusable straws

investing in reusable straws and actually remembering to use them consistently may seem like a minuscule move in the fight against plastic waste, but all those small steps still add up over time. besides, more and more places are banning plastic straws, so you may as well find your favorite earth-friendly option sooner rather than later.

adidas adds new micoach to fitness tracker team

so many trackers, so little time. i'm bridget carey and this is your cnet update. music there's a new fitness tracking gadget hitting the market.

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