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natural stone retaining walls. natural stone allows water to flow in around and through the retaining wall. this makes natural stones the perfect choice when landscape designs involve different elevations, which is a common occurrence in denver. natural stone retaining walls are also a perfect choice for projects that call for green construction methods.

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here are some tips for tackling corners in your retaining wall project. retaining wall corners using one-sided blocks. the most common blocks for retaining walls are textured only on one side, with a lip at the back that butts up against the row under it. theyre often wedge-shaped to allow for turns and curves.

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therefore, in the interest of getting this retaining wall completed as soon as possible, we would like a sloped 45 degree rhyolite dry-stacked retaining wall. after the retaining wall and 4 dry-laid flagstone steps are constructed, we will be able to have a 6 foot high by 47 feet long fence, with a 5 foot wide by 6 feet high gate installed.

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retaining walls in denver co are a beautiful and necessary addition to any landscape project. most of our neighborhoods in denver would be unlivable without them. retaining walls provide you with the much-needed erosion control. its the only way were able to make use of all our hilly and mountainous terrain. heres the best part

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in the final video of the series of videos on building a beautiful backyard patio, we are going to show you how to make the retaining wall that surrounds the patio. be the first to know about new

denver retaining wall how to build

how to build a retaining wall with a terrace. integrate stone steps and a stone retaining wall into a challenging backyard slope to make the space more usable. how to build a block retaining wall. self-stacking concrete blocks make building a sturdy retaining wall a much simpler diy project.

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planning the retaining wall. the blocks for this project have a locking flange which makes the installation easy. the interlocking blocks can be used to build walls up to 28 inches high. follow the block manufacturer's instructions concerning wall height limits. plan your layout. avoid having downspouts pointed at the retaining wall and,

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retaining walls require a solid compacted base, proper backfill and drainage. complete the project with these materials from menards. based on your project you may also need contret adhesive and geogrid. give your wall a finished, professional look with wall caps and concrete sealant.

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drystack retaining walls moss/field/strip stone figure total square footage wall face feet by taking the length of the wall or walls by walls height. for example a 30 x 1½ wall is 45 ft². if your wall starts at ground levels, then progresses to a height of 3 and tapers down again, take the average height times total wall length. for example see quick reference above.

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zoning permits: a zoning permit is required to construct or alter any retaining wall that is over 12 inches in height, measured from the ground. building permits: a building permit is only needed for retaining walls that are over 4 feet in height, measured from the base even if the base is below grade . retaining walls 6 feet tall or taller require commercial engineering review.

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a perfect landscape company provides southern denver with custom retaining wall construction and installation services and retaining wall design. our retaining walls are of the highest quality and all retaining wall installation and design services come with a customer satisfaction guarantee for our valued southern denver customers.

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if youre building tiered retaining walls, set each tier back far enough to prevent the weight and pressure of the wall above from destroying the one below it. the rule of thumb is to separate wall tiers by a distance thats no less than twice the height of the wall below. so if the bottom wall is 4 ft. tall, the wall above it should be built at least 8 ft. behind it.

denver retaining wall how to build

by using the information we have on building retaining walls you will get everything you need to plan, design and build the perfect retaining wall project. use the plan/design menu above to check out all of the information we have on how to build a retaining wall up to 6 ft. high 1.8 m .

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most concrete retaining wall block systems have some kind of built-in lip fig. d or pin system fig. f that automatically creates the step back as you build. install a base of solidly compacted material fig. b so your wall stays flat.

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denver retaining walls. the bigger a project gets, the more you have to consider your wall's ability to hold back the soil and rock piled up behind it. that means solidifying and fortifying foundations, making sure you use the right building materials and procedures, and acquiring the proper building permits.


today, basalite is one of the largest manufacturers of products in the western united states and canada. products include structural block, interlocking paving stones, segmental retaining wall systems, paving stones, garden line products, outdoor living kits and a full line of packaged concrete/mortar products.

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step 1: excavate location of retaining wall. step 2: dig footing and level. step 3: compact loose soil. step 4: fill footing. step 5: level footing. step 6: place first row of boulders. step 7: place second boulder layer. step 8: place landscape.

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