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the legend of zelda: twilight princess

at the east side is an anti-littering sign. use your fishing rod and cast it into the small pond east of the bridge past the sign. reel in what you catch and maybe it's an empty bottle. it should be caught after a couple of tries if you don't get it first. now, enter the shack and talk with hena. rent a lure rod and canoe for 20 rupees. direct your canoe north and spot a *heart piece* on the

the sims 2 deluxe

to increase your body skill, you can: * go swimming in a pool * use the weight machine * work out using the television * work out using the stereo * do yoga * use exerto punching bag career reward * use exerto selflog obstacle course career reward what it does: * constant exercise will keep your sim in shape * lets you do yoga jobs that have body as a requirement: * athletic * criminal

the sims faq/walkthrough for playstation 2 by searay

3.4 body ----- to increase this skill either use the benchpress,treadmill or swimming pool. this skill has no use at home but in carrers such as military you will need 10 of this skill to reach the top of the carrer ladder. all carrers require 6 body points. 3.5 logic ----- to increase this skill either play chess or look through the telescope. if you look throught the telescope to long you

simcity 3000

the leaf burning ban ordinance asks residents to refrain from setting outdoor fires to dispose of piles of leaves. the result is a reduction of citywide air pollution and a lowering of flammability. there is no cost associated with this ordinance, and it does not bar sims from burning leaves in their living rooms, should they choose to do so. the trash presort ordinance encourages sims to

silent hill 3 faq/walkthrough for pc by adarkervision

there is a landing between platform 4 and the floor above, and on that landing heather will find a magazine on the floor. examine this and you will find out that sometimes ghosts haunt areas where there have been suicides, murders, and tragedies, and they can be known to appear to or attack the living near the spot where they died, especially if it is the anniversary of the angry spirit's

resident evil hd remaster

now in this next room jill will find a pool, but rather then swimming through it we need to do something else, head over to the top of the room where that standing stone is , now that we have a crank in our inventory, use it here, and after a scene the pool would have drained and the water is now flowing down there somewhere. once we have cleared a path for jill head over to the ladder and use

the sims: complete collection

----- swimming pool ----- ===== control reminder ----- hold ctrl click-drag : delete pool ===== everybody loves swimming pool. when you choose the water button, you will get a set of 3x3 tiles; eight of them are cheap, outdoor tiles meaning you will be able to delete or replace them and the one in the middle is the pool itself. when you spread them, the water area will get wider with the

general hospital

general hospital season 46 episode guide on tv.com. watch all 252 general hospital episodes from season 46,view pictures, get episode information and more.

the sims 2: nightlife

the floor version can also be adjusted this way. ----- colorful lights: worth a mention because they are just so lovu-ree the sims 2: nightlife now contains colorful lights from all over the spectrum that you can place all over your lot now your red light district really can have red lights, how awesome is that the three different types of hanging dance floor lights come in four colors

the sims 2

click on a pool ladder and choose 'get in' to have your sim take a dip. if you've bought your sim a diving board, you can click on it and choose 'dive'.' aspiration points 500 icon swimming pool filled with blue water --==--==-- have a party ===== description 'parties are a quick way to fill a house with lots of sims. to throw a party, click on the phone and then choose any of the

big brother

before returning to part one of the ultimate hoh competition, jason explains that he evicted amy because she was a better player than lisa when it came to the competitions.

rachael ray

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for the legend of zelda: a link to the past on the super nintendo, zelda series character guide by canadian dude.

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