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a woman and child hold each other in front of flowers near to the location where a hawker hunter fighter jet crashed onto the a27 road at shoreham near brighton, britain on august 24,

team usa

a woman stands in front of the memorial center, on the 20th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre, during a reburial ceremony of 136 newly identified victims in potocari, near srebrenica, bosnia

sports: april 2

duke forward emeka okafor 50 puts the ball up in the 2nd half of their national semifinal game against duke in san antonio, april 3, 2004. okafor scored 18 points in their 79-78 win over duke.

assassin's creed ii

you and antonio will basically have to scout out the palazzo, in order to find a way in without alerting the guards, which means that you can't enter using the front door. basically, you need to move around to the markers on the map, but you need to make sure that you don't bother to wonder into the building itself, the whole area is considered a restricted zone, and if you are caught, you

assassin's creed: brotherhood

from the dock, swing around to the front of the building blue marker and look for the fellow in the red cap, the architect. talk to him triangle and you can renovate. with that, you get one more scene and a little info on what exactly you can do now. with the 'guild' up, you get courtesan missions, just some side-missions to do for fun and profit. there are also challenges available that

assassin's creed ii

at the front, go south, back toward where you came in, but jump to the beams hanging in front of you. take the top-left beam to the wall, climb it, and jump away from the wall. from this beam, jump to the chandelier and then to the next set of beams and such. go left, in front of the painted wall. from the beam ahead, jump to the small platform right in front of your face. climb the wall here

2019 nba draft grades, team-by-team picks: hawks

san antonio got its guy at no. 19 with croatia star luka samanic, a developmental big with major upside, and then waited out kentucky product keldon johnson at no. 29 -- a player people projected

ken adam

debbie reynolds april 1, 1932-december 28, 2016 was a show-biz triple threat - an actress, singer and dancer who vaulted into hollywood fame after being picked by gene kelly at age 19 to star in

grand theft auto iv

i have received another alternate strategy from the funkmeister: o----submitted tip----o first, use the sniper rifle from the edge of the brick wall in the hospital car park to take out the three guys facing you two on the ground, one in the window then use the bobcat car to knock over all the fences while you drive around to the front not essential, unless you use the alternate exit

grand theft auto iv

kill the 2 guys near the fence. if you're in the right position, you can kill some of the people in side the building that are above the doorways. kill them if you want, i'll be killing them once we enter just so save us the confusion. go through the gap in the fence and take cover just outside the entrance. kill the guy inside the room and go inside. look to your left - there is a hallway

nba opening night

three months late, the nba season has finally arrived. the post-jordan era will begin friday night with a dozen games on opening night, featuring scottie pippen with houston, latrell sprewell with


san antonio spurs fans taunt miami heat's lebron james during the third quarter in game 2 of their nba finals basketball series in san antonio, texas, june 8. credit: mike stone/reuters basketball

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