wood plastic deck grates

masters 2016: rory mcilroy makes big move by closing like

rory mcilroy cruised home and saved his round at the very end. now he'll get the golden child in a weekend dual at augusta national.e

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the two main characters are so shallow and self-involved -- not to mention the friends, family members and sundry apparatchiks they lug around with them -- that the two hours of flannel pajamas begin to feel like real time.

fallout 3: game of the year edition

you can enter through the door that your marker exactly pinpoints, but you can also take the backroute by going through the sewer grate on top of the rocky hill. on your local map, this won't be displayed, but it's slightly to the west of the door's marker. through the door: ----- head downstairs..disarm the mine, head east and proceed with caution to the rigged shotgun and the cabinet north

deus ex

close the grate too, they can shoot a long way in there. you can crawl to the nearby room with the locked door. if you open it, you can shoot from there as well. continue shooting and hiding until all three are down. when you're done, all opponents within the area have been taken out. you can leisurely use the atm info: account , pin 4558 to withdraw 200 credits. i mean, you'd be a

duke nukem 64

before you go into the elevator, stand on the plastic trash can across from the elevator and activate it. jump in the small space to find pipebombs and night vision goggles. 11. when you get to the bridge at the end of the level, turn left and turn your jetpack on. fly up until you see a small niche. go in for some shotgun shells and a jetpack replenishment. 12. cross the small bridge and go

silent hill 4: the room faq/walkthrough for xbox by

chainsaw 'originally made for cutting wood. as a weapon, it's a fearsome thing.' the chainsaw is an extra weapon which can only be acquired in a brand-new fear game. this chainsaw is one fun weapon to play with but it's truly sad how little damage it actually does. unlike the chainsaw in silent hill 2, this chainsaw is a lot more versatile and easier to use, although there is still

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silent hill 3

- otherworld brookhaven hospital, women's locker room 2f : * key item: plastic bag. the first thing you'll notice while in this room is a locker which creaks open and has some sort of thing thrashing around it behind some steel mesh. examine it for some dialogue. if you turn around you'll see a trash can in the corner near the door you entered. check it to get the plastic bag and a health

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max payne

the floor of this room is grate-like i.e. you can see the locked room beneath you . see those propane tanks against the wall? shoot them, and they'll explode, opening the first floor door. now you can enter, and you'll find some sniper ammo and other stuff. you return to that room and go out to broad the ship 'charon'. if you fall into the sea you'll drown, but i don't know why would there

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