wpc deck board expected span load

win or lose: i never feel good

imagine if you could load your deck in heartstone and order the cards and when you'd draw them. people would just figure out the optimal order in which to put their cards to increase their chance of winning. same with poker. if everyone could just pick the cards they wanted, everyone would just load their hand with a royal flush.

jade empire

the game loads up a new scene and you find seamstress lan has tagged along and you're all going to have a heart- to-heart talk. for op points and to open matchmaker, use your charm or intuition or intimidation to convince ai to leave bei and lan alone. she agrees, and then asks you to help her find a husband. she mentions three candidates: * ru the boatswain--he's out; the option never even

darth maul respect thread

the jedi meets my first blow, blocking it. he has expected my flying maneuver. if an opponent can read you, the fight is over. i don't like that the jedi was perfectly prepared for my first blow.

yu-gi-oh the duelists of the roses review for playstation

when choosing which cards you want in your deck, you must also take into consideration the deck cost. each card costs a certain amount, and it has to be lower than your opponents deck cost in order to duel them. again, strategy elements. lastly, reincarnation. after 5 duels, you have a choice to ''break down'' a card into 3 different cards. again, this is valuable when obtaining rare cards.

red dead redemption

you can wait for a train to stop at one of the many train stations scattered across the map and board from there. you can also board the train while it is still moving: while riding a horse, run alongside the train and wait until a button prompt appears before pressing x to jump onto the train. you can also jump onto a moving train on foot, but it's much more difficult. ----- combat ----- the

why is there need to upgrade pc when ps4 isnt as powerful

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how would you write superman?

since i'm on a superman binge, and we had a thread like this on the batman forum, why the hell not. pretend dc had a clean slate reboot, and you're called upon to write superman for the modern age:

armored core

they can carry loads of weight 5000 at max and are highly maneuverable, as well as being decently speedy. the alternative for a full arsenal is using those dumb ol' caterpillar legs tank treads which can't even jump without the aid of a booster. definitely shell out the cash to get one of these and y' won't regret it a lick. for missions, the best budget weapon is the wc-cn35 chaingun

fallout 3: game of the year edition

note that this is an incredibly large faq, and depending on your computer, internet speed, and the restlessness of computer gremlins, you may have to refresh this file several times to get the whole thing to load. look for the ***end of file*** line at the bottom to ensure you've got the whole thing. legal <-----> i have no affiliation with bethesda, fallout 3, or any other parties involved

red dead redemption

game - load a new game, delete your saved game, or start a new game altogether. also included in the pause menu is the in-game clock, your bank balance, and your bounty if you have one. ----- 6. the hud the heads-up display gives a little extra information. in the bottom-left corner is your radar, your dead eye meter, and the stamina of your mount if you are on it. if you have a weapon drawn

metroid prime

loads of data here to scan for story. don't worry about the thing in the tube, it won't come out to dance. activate the computer to get to the next level and meet your first power pirate use the power beam to kill it -- one super missile also works, since it uses the beam to fire . activate the console up here and you'll find a large, industrial sized plasma beam. get into the spinner device

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