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repairing hollow spots in wood flooring was one of the advertised uses of this tool. i have owned and used one of these glue guns for a few years now very successfully . as long as what i am gluing is clean like any other adhesive . i was really hoping somebody here had experience using hot melt glue to repair hollow spots.

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hollow spot repair in engineered hardwood flooring kentampey pender. how to fix a hollow spot in floor - duration: laminate flooring repair to fix soft spot for uneven underlayment

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glue injection repair - hardwood floors on concrete. there are two types of glue down floor repairs. for minor popping or squeaking sounds it may be as easy as using an injection kit made for this purpose. we'll take a look at both repairs.

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when wood flooring is glued to concrete sub floors, most hollow spots can be eliminated by using a floor repair kit such as staufs ifk-100 injector floor repair kit. the kit provides a drill bit, glue, and a syringe-type tool for injecting glue under the board and into the hollow spot.

how do i repair spots of damaged hardwood floor finish

how do i repair spots of damaged hardwood floor finish? are there products and/or tools that i can use to repair those spots without substantial sanding, and without refinishing the whole floor? repair hardwood-floor damage finish. share improve this question. edited jul 29 '11 at 13:21. aarthi. 870 6 6 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 29

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bostik flooring epoxy repair kit simple-fix is a versatile, low viscosity, two-component, epoxy adhesive used to repair hollow spots, replace floor boards and to install thresholds, moldings and medallions. this adhesive is designed for use with engineered wood, parquet, solid wood and bamboo flooring designed and recommended in writing by the flooring manufacturer for glue-down applications.

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hey thanks for the reply. i actually got it fixed. i ended up using the 3m repair kit and injected in about 6-8 places, then set a couple big buckets of wood filler on it and puttied the holes.

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these hollow spots can even detract from the overall visual and essence of a hardwood floor. most hollow spots or loose areas in a glue-down wood floor come from not following the flooring and adhesive manufacturers installation specifications and limitations. hollow spots are often blamed on adhesives but they are rarely the cause.

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thanks for the post. you continue to say level. a floor not being level is ok. the question is, is the floor flat? not being flat can cause problems with plank adherence to the floor, hollow spots, t/g not fitting correctly, etc. i would consult with nwfa, the national wood flooring association, for any additional symptomatic problems that may

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sand and stain shallow scratches in wood or engineered wood floors. for shallow gouges or stains in a wood or engineered wood floor and also for laminated wood floors in which the gouge has not penetrated the wood veneer you can clean the gouge, gently sanding it with 2oo then 400 sandpaper, planning to leave the gouge un-filled.

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re: hollows spots in a wood floor the bamboo has been down since 2004 and the customer is looking for things that are wrong. customer found hollow spots and is trying to make an issue. i have told her that some hollow spots is not abnormal and is not going to affect the long term performance of the floor. there are very few hollow spots.

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how to fix the floor. in less-severe cases, hollow and loose spots can generally be fixed by drilling and injecting adhesive under the loose boards. but, in this instance,because of the substrate's unevenness and excessive surface debris, it was necessary to remove large sections of the wood flooring.

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product review: dritac injection repair kits for engineered, solid wood and bamboo floors. by. this article willreview the contents of your injection repair kit and provide a step-by-step guide to filling a hollow spot on your wood floor. here is how to repair a hollow spot on a solid wood or bamboo floor using the dritac injection

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description - our wood floor repair kit was developed to correct the hollow spots and popping conditions that occur with engineered wood floors. these issues can be very problematic for homeowners and can be very costly to fix. with this repair kit, you are able to fix these issues easily and at minimal cost to you.

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jpat construction demonstrating how to fix a hollow spot in engineered hardwood floor. how to repair squeaky wood floors - duration: 3:51. this old house 1,756,519 views.

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in thinner hardwood, the actual interlocking tongues can crack off if the hollow spot is too big. this is a massive problem and is why you must have the floor flat. installing hardwood flooring perpendicular to the direction of the floor joists is also critical.

what are these spongy/soft spots on my hardwood floor

the house i recently bought has hardwood floors, but i've noticed that some spots are spongy when i walk over them. there is visible downward flex in certain spots to an observer of someone walking across the room. i took a coin and tapped across the floor, and the spongy spots have a hollow sound.

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repair hollow or raised spots in the floor using an engineered wood repair kit. these problems occur when the glue fails to bond to the subfloor during installation, or when a single board is damaged by moisture or humidity. to use this kit, first drill a hole into the center of the damaged board.

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q: i wondered if you could suggest a fix please, for our new kitchen.the original floor was concrete, and this had levelling compound put on top, a floor fitters request. all looked okay, but there is a hollow spot in floating floor now its all fitted where it creaks when you step on it, you can see the wood dip when you apply weight .

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how would you fix a soft/hollow spot in a floating laminate floor? i'm thinking glue wouldn't be too wise since it all needs to expand and contract. does it need to be torn out up to the point of the soft spot and the slab be leveled out? or is there an easier way? thanks

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i tell her fine, but you'll need to sign a waiver of liability, because there will be some hollow sounding spots. she agrees and i lay the floors. after completion, i was right; there are some 'hollows' were the slab was low. so my question is, outside of the flooring sounding hollow in those places, is there any other potential problem/s?

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fix-a-floor is an extra strength repair adhesive customized for the specific use of re-bonding loose and hollow tile, marble, stone and wood flooring without removing or replacing. it's fast, easy and affordable.

how to refurbish worn spots on finished hardwood floors

refinishing a floor is a big deal, and if the floor has only one or two worn areas, while the rest of the finish is in good condition, it's more economical to make spot repairs. done correctly, a spot repair is all but unnoticeable, provided you've correctly matched the finish and -- if necessary -- the stain.

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is epoxy injecting tiles a reasonable repair to a loose and hollow tile floor? - the tile installer came and looked at the issue of my hollow tiles and cracked and loose grout yesterday. my contractor said he will come and look at it tomorrow.

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