lay laminate flooring over vinyl

can you lay new laminate flooring over old laminate flooring?

can you lay new laminate flooring over old laminate flooring? hi, i want to lay new laminate but cant be bothered with the mess and stress of taking the old up. is it poss to just lay it over the old? i know you can tile over tiles, so i thought baybe you can laminate over laminate??

can i lay vinyl plank flooring over laminate? the floor

we are wishing we had went with the floating vinyl flooring instead. the floor is still in good shape and still looks very nice except for a few areas where the seems have swollen a bit. my question is can we install the floating vinyl over the laminate or must we take it all up? could we just sand the areas where the seams have swollen a bit?


can i put laminate over my kitchen vinyl floor or do i have to pull it up? paper-backed vinyl offers a good base to install over, however, flexible cushiony vinyl usually glued around the perimeter should be removed because these allow too much seam movement. laminates seams can tend to separate or even crack if not supported well.

how to tile over vinyl flooring today's homeowner

depending on the specific type of flooring, you may be able to lay a laminate floor directly over vinyl flooring. if the vinyl is on a concrete slab, and there is moisture under the floor, you should put down a layer of 6 mil plastic first. see the installation instructions that came with your flooring to find out more. good luck with your project

installing wood flooring over vinyl flooring

installing wood flooring over vinyl flooring. this entry was posted on may 4, this is important because when laying new boards over old, it is essential that the new boards run perpendicular or at 90 degrees to the old boards for stability. start with laminate wood flooring;

best way to lay vinyl tile over laminate flooring

best way to lay vinyl tile over laminate flooring???? dad's kitchen has 20 year laminate flooring, would like to just install vinyl tiles on top of this floor. seems like people have problems with the vinyl tiles cause they solely depended on the adhesive on the back of the tiles and nothing else.

laying laminate flooring on top of vinyl flooring home

if installing a hardwood floor is not an option, you can install a floating laminate floor. this is a type of floor consisting of laying laminate flooring on top of vinyl flooring home

can you install vinyl floor over existing flooring?

since vinyl tiles dont do a very good job of smoothing over imperfections in your flooring or underlayment, then the floor would need to be in very good shape. in general, it's more difficult to put vinyl over tile than the opposite; installing tile over vinyl .

how to lay vinyl plank over existing flooring home

one of the evolutions of the do-it-yourself industry has been the creation of easy-to-use and easy-to-install products, such as vinyl plank flooring. similar to laminate plank flooring, it is a

the biggest mistake i've made installing laminate flooring

the biggest mistake ive made installing laminate flooring. by joe letendre 40 comments . if it is only the vinyl then no worries just go right over it, but if there is a 1/4 inch underlayment under the vinyl then you would need to remove that. then install the laminate flooring up to that area and then move the furniture onto the

installing new flooring over linoleum : let's talk

find out about installing new flooring over linoleum with help from a foreman for lighty contractors in this free video clip. how to install laminate flooring, laying your floor, and flooring

installing laminate flooring over vinyl flooring

installing laminate flooring over vinyl flooring i have a slab foundation floor that now has the square vinyl tiles over it and i would like to install laminate flooring. i was wondering if i could install the laminate flooring over the vinyl tiles instead of taking up the vinyl flooring.

can i lay vinyl over laminate flooring?

if the seams of the laminate are not peakingthey lay flat..and are not separatingmaybe. if the old laminate is so old that the seams are glued then probably. peel and stick vinyl should stick but the newer lvt is thicker and snap locks so no adh

about installing laminate flooring hunker

to install laminate, use a rubber mallet and tapping block. a sacrificial piece of laminate flooring can be used in between your tapping block and the piece of flooring you're attempting to install. it can be very easy to damage the delicate threaded edges of laminate planks, so a sacrificial piece can make installation far easier in the long run.

can i install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring?

the subfloor underneath the vinyl should be in good condition and level as well before tying to install laminate flooring on top of it. if you decide to install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring, remember to first clear the vinyl of any debris and obstacles.

installing wood laminate over vinyl flooring

i have a unique situation. most of my room has a concrete foundation. there is vinyl flooring covering part of the room. the person installing my laminate says it's ok to install the laminate right over the vinyl flooring, but i'm concerned about the slight difference in surfaces.

can i lay sheet vinyl over laminate? : homeimprovement

i talked to a flooring guy who was insisting on taking out the laminate no matter what i laid down, but i don't want to bother with the full labor job of pulling up old floor, prepping new substrate etc just to put down sheet vinyl. it seems to me like people put layers and layers of floors over other floors all the time.

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