how to cover pretty wood

how to make a diy journal notebook from scrapbook paper

in just 10 minutes, you can make a diy journal notebook with scrapbook paper stapled together to create simple journal binding, with decorative tape to hide the staples. download my free 'room makeover journal' pages for the inside to plan and track your next room makeover watch the diy journal tutorial.

how to hide ugly wire shelving

need a simple solution on how to hide ugly wire shelving in your rental or builder grade home? check out this inexpensive and clever idea of getting those wire shelves looking great. diy wood covers for wire shelving is your rental solution.

how to make a pretty round box: 5 steps

now it's time to make the cover of the box. again, you need a circle and a rectangle. the circle should be just a bit larger than the box itself, as the cover needs to slide over the box. you don't need to decorate it as it will be inside the cover. you can decorate the rectangle, but i chose to leave it black.

how to build a custom wood range hood

instructions for building a custom wood range hood: use wood putty to cover all nail holes. i also like to use wood putty for any sharp angle seams. use caulk to fill in seams between the panels and stops. save after the wood putty has dried, sand it smooth. prime any bare wood, wood putty or caulk lines.

how to cover popcorn ceilings, 5 easy ways

using a ceiling medallion around the light fixture will help cover the edges. if you are not installing over a light fixture, the hole isnt necessary, but you will probably still want some sort of medallion that will anchor the fabric in the middle of the room.

13 creative ways to make exposed pipes chic in any room

check out this great diy project with rustic wood and exposed pipes 2. add decorative wood pipe wrapping. you can actually buy both the wood pipe wrapping and optional pipe or post table. check these solutions out available at . a. wooden pipe cover b. pipe or pole table 3. other pole and pipe coverings a. wood options b. stone options

13 genius ways to hide an ugly ac unit

13 genius ways to hide an ugly ac unit. turn an eyesore into instant curb appeal. by taysha murtaugh. jun 5, 2017 getty images. let's face it: there's nothing pretty about an outdoor air conditioner unit. the big, bulky, appliance is always an eyesore, especially when it sits smack dab in your flower beds. this blogger built a cedar cover

how to cover ugly laminate with pretty wood veneer

watco danish oil is a unique blend of penetrating oil and varnish that hardens in the wood not on the wood watco danish oil penetrates deep into wood pores to protect from wi honey, honey maple, pecan, or maple honey or antique cherry floors maybe natural with a bit of white mist to tone watco danish oil, golden oak, quart - stain dresser for

36 genius ways to hide the eyesores in your home

36 genius ways to hide the eyesores in your home. and you can put pretty things on top like candles and fancy perfume bottles. use a stenciled pegboard to cover up an ugly wall.

how to hide an ugly fence guide pro tips ideas

option 3: hide your fence . if you need to camouflage an ugly fence by blocking it from view, here are eight ideas you might consider: 1. plant trees in front of the fence that will grow to at least the height of the fence. 2. plant plants, bushes or hedges with dense foliage to cover an ugly fence.

how to hide a fence: 12 steps with pictures

10. use plantings on the other side of the fence as an element in your own garden. if you can see a plant over or through the fence, plant two lower plants on your own side and your plants will look like a grouping, even though one of them is not yours. this can help to soften the appearance of a barrier.

how to cover ugly popcorn ceilings without scraping it off

options include drywall, wood panels, beadboard, installing a drop celing stystem or installing metal ceiling tiles. how to cover ugly popcorn ceilings without scraping it off hunker join our newsletter

making pretty from neighbors ugly fence. hometalk

or plant a gutter with some sedum and hang on your chain link fence and consider the wood background as a natural backdrop for your pretty flowers. you are seeing people all over the place using old wood to make 'charming' decor and get to know your neighbor and maybe you will find that the fence was intended to be nice

how to fill voids and knot holes in wood

sand the epoxy until it is smooth and level with the rest of the wood surface. avoid the temptation to keep the sander on the epoxy too long or the glue will gum up the sandpaper. its better to use several passes and allow the epoxy to cool off between sanding. finish your wood with stain and/or topcoat of your choice.

how to make wood paneling look modern without painting it

how to decorate wood paneling without painting it. this post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. click here to read my full disclosure policy. 1. paint the trim. yes, there is some painting involved, but not of the paneling just the trim around the paneling.

how to cover wood paneling with pictures

sand away the finish. most paneling has a glossy finish, which needs to be roughened up for the primer. scuff up the wood a little with a medium grit sandpaper, around 150 grit. wipe away dust with a damp cloth. always wear a dust mask while sanding. you can rub on a deglosser instead.

how to plank a wall for $30 diy shiplap

slide the spacer between the boards to make sure the board is level and equally spaced. then, repeat the same steps above. measure the distance from the end of the second board to the wall and cut an 8ft board to that length. start the 3rd row with the leftover piece.

how to make new wood look like old distressed barn boards

how to make new wood look like old distressed barn boards march 28, 2016 by bethany sy if you dont already, you should subscribe to our blog so you get an email every time we publish a new blog post not more than 2 times a week

how to make pretty fabric covered wooden letters

guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover diy ideas, learn new skills, meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own diy guides. we provide a space for makers to

how to cover ugly laminate with pretty wood veneer

using your wood training tool with white glaze for a really cool white washed look. wood graining and painting laminate furniture.would this technique work on kitchen countertops with the paint kit suggested in other pins? use wood grain tool with pva glue on foam core, then paint in varying shades of matte grey for barn wood effect

read this before installing diy faux shiplap walls

just be aware that if you are getting the wood cut into 6 strips that you will get seven 6 strips and one strip thats between five and size inches. make sure you put that one off to the side and use it for the bottom where your walls are probably crooked.

how to repair dry rot in wood ron hazelton

how to repair dry rot in wood. transcript. weve got some pretty serious rot. so i going to go ahead and repair these. this one is pretty deep, the damage goes fairly deeply in here and some of this wood in here is still on the soft side. im going to take some duct tape. what im trying to do here is cover a couple of the sides

35 awesome ways to give new life to old furniture

this detailed tutorial shows you how to cover a tabletop in bottle caps. finishing it off with a layer of grout keeps the surface level. finishing it off with a layer of grout keeps the surface level.

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