vinyl board tensile strength

speed vs strength, common misconceptions.

edit: 10-23-2012 added a reference article on punching power strength vs speedfirst, i would like to address people that are anti-physics. please don'

mcu iron man's metal alloy strength

ultimate tensile strength - 950 mpa = 137,786 psi = 68.89 short tons per square inch compressive strength - 970 mpa = 140,687 psi = 70.34 short tons per square inch the gold alloy makes it 4 times

how strong is mcu thor

crushing iron man's armor, which is made of gold titanium, and gold titanium is 4 times stronger than normal titanium, and normal titanium has a tensile strength of 63,000 psi pounds per square

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fascia has tremendous tensile strength compared to muscular strength. scar tissue has exponential tensile strength compared to the fascia. dense fascia can have tensile strength that is 2-8 x's scar tissue has exponential tensile strength compared to the fascia.

q: how strong would godzilla be if

but then, peter's strength has been attributed partly to his muscles's developing a contraction rate like that of a spider, and partly to the radiation enhancing the tensile strength of his muscle

how long can the batfleck last against winter soldier mode

cinder blocksdon't have any tensile strength to withstand pressure. as cinder blocks are not very inflexible, many building codes prohibit to use a cinder block. concrete block is far stronger

how strong is mcu thor..?

a36 steel has a ultimate tensile strength between 400 - 550 mpa. i'll take the minimum for you of 400 mpa = 58,015 lbs/in^2. 550 mpa = 79,771 lbs/in^2. iron man's armor would be a minimum 1.6 gpa

neo respect thread feat breakdown

concrete ultimate tensile strength = 20 - 40 mpa = 2,901 psi - 5,802 psi. neo could potentially hit with 1.5 - 3 tons of force per square inch.

edward cullen vs spiderman garfield

he also matches him strength wise with many feats. and he has spider-sense to help him dodge any attack cullen throws at him. and he has spider-sense to help him dodge any attack cullen throws at him.

the lizard tas vs steel cw

that should put the tensile strength of his body at 60,000,000 psi. that means lizard would have to hit him with 198,000,000,000 pounds of force just to cause his skin to buckle. that essentially

scaling strength: pushing a planet or busting a planet

its negligible compared to tensile strength of iron. but when we consider a planetary mass, the tensile strength of rocks is negligible compared to that of the body's gpe.

mcu cap runs composite captain america's strength gauntlet

the tensile strength of the bolts and anchors holding that steel railing in place to the concrete can take much higher pulling forces before failing compared to what the helicopter is ever capable

winter soldier vs bane

the peak of man can't even break a handcuff, let alone some advanced ones bucky has been restrained in. metal arm with super strength, electrical discharge and knife takes the win for bucky.

mcu thor's strength calculations

the ultimate tensile strength of a material is the force required to unit area for a material to fail, or tear apart. aluminum alloy is a common material used for aerospace applications, favored

2 mcu hela vs dceu superman

secondly, even if it is that dense, that doesn't mean it's a strong material; lead is far denser than titanium, yet has a drastically lower melting point, tensile strength, and compressive

mcu hulk vs dceu wonder woman strength

plates thicker than 8 in have a 32,000 psi 220 mpa yield strength and the same ultimate tensile strength of 58,000 80,000 psi 400 550 mpa . so that's 16 tons of pressure per square inch.

how strong is spiderman's webbing?

its tensile strength ranges from 120ibs per square inch-300 ibs per square inch in different sources. in avx is was stated to be more than 2x stronger than steel. all though no it can't hold hulk.

lets settle this once and for all: whos strongerdceu

thor can easily crush titanium alloy, which has a tensile strength of 434 mpa, or 62,334 psi. thor would be applying 4488 ton/square foot to crush iron man's suit, and he was doing it quite casually.

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